Communication of infractions

With the implementation of this Whistleblower Channel, it is intended to allow the reporting, either by employees or third parties, of any situations that violate the rules on which the principles of Business Ethics are based, namely: respect for legality, respect for people and the fight against corruption.

This channel allows anonymous reception, or with identification, being implemented in accordance with the requirements set out in Law n.º 93/2021, of december 20th, which establishes the general regime for the protection of whistleblowers of infringements, whereby Churrasqueiras Rei dos Frangos, Lda guarantees the whistleblower the same level of protection in any of the areas reported, namely ensuring no retaliation against him.

Any type of complaints are excluded from the scope of this Whistleblowing Channel.

Access aqui to the Whistleblower Channel.

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